Jeep Cherokee: How to Set the Clock

Learn how to set the clock for the default system on the Jeep Cherokee with these steps.

1999- 2010 Models

  1. Switch on the vehicle without starting the engine.
  2. Hold down the time button until the hour number starts flashing.
  3. Immediately use the turn knob to the right to set the hour.
  4. Press the knob in to set the minute.
  5. Press the knob in again to finalize your time.

2011- 2019 Models

  1. Switch on/Press in the start button without starting the engine.
  2. Press the menu button to the right of the console screen.
  3. On the screen, touch System setup, then Time setup.
  4. Touch the up and down buttons to reach your desired hour and minute.


You have now successfully set your clock on the Jeep Cherokee.

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