Volvo XC90: How to Release/Open Fuel Door

Do you own a Volvo XC90, or are you renting one and wondering how to open the fuel door? This post outlines how to release the fuel door on a Volvo XC90. Read on to find out the steps.

2015 – 2023 Models

  1. Unlock your vehicle.
  2. Approach the fuel door. The position of your fuel door is indicated on the instrument cluster, with a fueling symbol and an arrow.
  3. Press the rear edge of the fuel door to pop it open.
  4. Pull the flap to open the fuel tank.
  5. You have successfully opened the fuel door.

2002 – 2014 Models

  1. Unlock your vehicle.
  2. Press the fuel door button on the left side of the dashboard. The button has a fueling symbol printed on the front.
  3. Approach the fuel door and pull it open.
  4. You have successfully opened the fuel door and can now fuel your vehicle.

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