Toyota RAV4: Connect a Phone

When you connect your phone to your car, you can access hands-free features such as making and receiving calls and streaming music. Follow the guides below to connect your phone to your Toyota RAV4.

2010 – 2022 Models

  1. Ensure your car is parked with the engine turned on.
  2. Open your phone and navigate to your settings to turn on your Bluetooth. Make sure your device is discoverable.
  3. On your Toyota screen, press “Menu.”
  4. Select “Setup.”
  5. Select “Bluetooth.”
  6. Select “Add New Device.”
  7. Your Toyota will initiate a Bluetooth search and display a list of nearby Bluetooth devices. You will select your phone from the list of devices.
    1. If your Toyota RAV4 is older, you may need to run a search on your phone, selecting your Toyota RAV4 from the list of available devices.
  8. Once you have made your selection, your RAV4 screen will display a four-digit code. Ensure the code on your phone and the code on your screen match. If they match, select “Pair.”
  9. Follow any additional prompts your RAV4 may display.
  10. A confirmation message will display once the connection is completed.

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