Toyota Prius: How to Open Trunk

So, you can’t figure out how to open the trunk on the Toyota Prius? You’re not the only one. We show you how to open the trunk/rear door on the Toyota Prius.

Option 1 – Rear Button

  • From the outside of the vehicle, press the button located under the Toyota logo on the trunk/hatch and raise it.
    Prius Opening Trunk Diagram

Option 2 – Manual Release

Use this method if you no longer have power to open the trunk manually from the inside of the vehicle.

  1. Flip the back seats down.
  2. Access the tool-box under the carpeting behind the rear seats. You can open it by twisting the two knobs and opening it.
  3. A piece of plastic may be covering the trunk release. If so, remove the plastic.
  4. Using two fingers, pull the lever in the trunk release hole toward you, and the trunk should pop open. Newer models will require you to insert a screwdriver and move a lever downward.
    Prius Opening Trunk Manual Diagram

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  1. Bless you!
    There was so much going on when I bought the car, I am just realizing I don’t know how to control the heat, open the trunk, etc…..


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