Toyota Highlander: How To Open Trunk

One of the best things about owning an SUV is the sheer amount of cargo you can fit behind the passenger area. For instructions on how to operate your Highlander liftgate, refer to the steps below.

2019 – 2022 Models

Foot Activated Liftgate

  1. Verify that the liftgate feature is activated.
  2. To do this, navigate through the windows in the instrument cluster until you come to the settings panel. To verify that the kick sensor is turned on, scroll down to Vehicle Settings and select PBD (Power Back Door).
  3. Have your smart key on hand as you approach the rear of your Highlander.
  4. When you get to the back of the car, kick your foot under the rear bumper to activate the motion sensor.
  5. The system will beep and automatically open the liftgate.
  6. Another kick will automatically close the liftgate.

Key Fob and Manual Methods

  1. Push the trunk release button on the Smart Key fob.
    1. If the battery in your fob is dead, you can use the key to unlock the rear door manually.
  2. From there, you can open the rear door. Pull on the switch found under the logo.

2010 – 2018 Models

  1. If the key fob is functional, push and hold the bottom left button.
    1. If the power locks have failed, use the ignition key to unlock the trunk.
  2. Pull back on the switch found under the logo.

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