Toyota Corolla: Turn Headlights On/Off

Learn how to turn the headlights on the Toyota Corolla on and off using this tutorial.

  1. Locate the lever attached to the steering wheel on the left side.
  2. Turn the top portion of the lever to the position desired:
    •  – Headlights manually on.
    •  – Parking lights on.
    • Auto – Headlights automatically turn on when it gets dark.
    • Off – Headlights off.

To turn the high beam bright lights on, push forward on the entire left lever. A light on the console will indicate the brights are on.


3 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla: Turn Headlights On/Off”

  1. How can you set the headlights where they can be turned on and off as driver needs them instead of them running the whole time ignition is on. 2003 toyota Corolla the lever on the left only has two ways to turn it.

  2. This article is either wrong or out of date. I have a 2019 Corolla hybrid and there is no “off” position on the headlight stalk. There is auto, side and main.


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