Toyota Avalon: How To Reset Oil Change Light

Learn how to reset the MAINT REQD/Oil Change Light in the Toyota Avalon by following the uncomplicated steps below.

2019-2021 Models

  1. Select the “GearToyota Gear Icon icon on the info display.
  2. Select Toyota Vehicle SettingsVehicle Settings“, then press and hold the “OK” button.
  3. Choose “Scheduled Maintenance“,┬áthen press “OK“.
  4. Select “Yes“, then press “OK“.

2000-2018 Models

  1. With the vehicle running, press the “Trip” stem button to toggle the display to show the full odometer mileage.
  2. Turn the ignition to the “ACC” or “Lock” position. For push button models, press the Start button without holding the brake pedal.
  3. Press and hold the “Trip” stem button while turning the ignition to the “On” position
  4. Continue holding the “Trip” stem button until the display shows all zeros.

Hopefully this guide has assisted you with resetting the maintenance required notification on your Toyota Avalon.

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