Toyota Avalon: How To Open Fuel Door

If you can not find the fuel door release or the release is broken on the Toyota Avalon, this guide will help you out.

Opening the Fuel Door

The fuel door release button is located under the steering wheel to the left. Press the button and the fuel door will pop open.

Fuel Door Is Not Opening

If the Fuel Release lever is broken, there is an Emergency Fuel Door Release located in the trunk, on the other side of the fuel door.

Fuel Door Is Broken

  • Have someone pull up the fuel door lever while you pull open the fuel door. 
  • Or if you are alone, use something to prop up the lever, then you can pull the door open. I have found a credit card to be useful for this.

Eventually, you will need to purchase a new spring for the fuel door to open properly. Springs are not costly, they run about $6 and are extremely easy to install as it just pops right in.

  • Once the spring is in place, let the release lever down.
  • Close the fuel door.
  • Then use the lever to open the fuel door. 

Hopefully these steps have helped you get the fuel door open on the Toyota Avalon. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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