Toyota 4Runner: How To Set Clock

Most recent models include clocks that are part of the multi-information display and can be changed using the in-car settings. However, some people continue to prefer the physical buttons. Here is how to change the clock in any Toyota 4Runner model to help make your life easier.

2022-2020 Model

To configure your clock in these models:

  1. Click the Apps button.
  2. Touch Setup on the display screen of your vehicle
  3. Touch General
  4. Touch system time
  5. Touch Time zone to make sure that it is correct. You can also decide to click daylight savings time if your state uses it.

If your vehicle is not configured with the navigation:

  1. On the right side of your time display, you will see the Hour and the minutes button.
  2. Hold the hour H button until you get your preferred hour.
  3. Hold down the minutes button to change the minutes.

2010-2019 Model

  1. First, select the Apps button.
  2. On your car’s display panel, select Setup.
  3. Use General
  4. Use the time system.
  5. Tap “Time zone.” If your state observes it (this only applies for vehicles with navigation), you can also choose to click daylight savings time to make sure it’s accurate.

You can also set the time manually for vehicles not configured with navigation:

  1. The Hour H and Minutes M buttons are located on the right side of your time display.
  2. Keep pressing the hour H button until you reach the desired hour.
  3. To adjust the minutes, press and hold the minutes M button.

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