Tesla Model S: How to Open the Hood

Sometimes, simple processes like opening the hood of a car can seem complicated. If you’re struggling with opening the hood of your Tesla Model S, you’re not alone. Use the guide below for step-by-step instructions on opening the hood of your Tesla Model S.

2012 – 2022 Models

  1. On your car touchscreen, tap on Vehicle to bring up quick controls.
  2. Click on the hood button on the car model on your screen.
  3. Exit your vehicle.
  4. Raise the hood to open.


How do I close the hood of my Tesla Model S?

To close the hood of your Tesla Model S, lower it, then use both hands to firmly press down the right and left sides of the Tesla badge until you hear a click.

Does the Tesla Model S have an emergency hood/trunk opening button?

You can use the emergency interior release inside the hood to open the hood in case of emergencies. Please note that the interior release button glows after exposure to ambient light.

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