Tesla Model S: Connect a Phone

You can enjoy many conveniences by syncing your Tesla Model S with your phones, such as making calls, accessing your contact list, or streaming music. Use these simple procedures to learn how to sync your Tesla Model S with your phone.

2021 – 2022 Models

  1. Turn on your phone and enable your phone’s Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on your Tesla touchscreen.
  3. Navigate to your Controls screen.
  4. Tap the Bluetooth icon.
  5. Select “Add New Device” on the touchscreen.
  6. Select “Search” to find your phone.
  7. Select your phone from the generated list.
  8. Next, a randomly generated number will appear on the screen display; ensure the same number is displayed on your phone.
  9. From your phone, confirm the pairing request.
  10. Once your phone is connected, you will see a Bluetooth icon next to the phone on your Tesla screen.

2017 – 2020 Models

  1. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth.
  2. From your Tesla home screen, select the Bluetooth Logo.
  3. Navigate to the right-hand corner and select the Tesla Bluetooth symbol (the screen gives you two options: “View Devices and “Add a Bluetooth Device”).
  4. Select “View Devices.”
  5. Select your device from the generated list (the phone should connect automatically).
  6. If your phone doesn’t connect automatically, select “Add a Bluetooth Device,” and your phone should connect to the Tesla system.

2016 Model

You can use the mobile app:

  1. Download the Tesla mobile app to your phone.
  2. Enter your Tesla account details to log into the mobile app.
  3. Select Controls.
  4. Select Safety.
  5. Select Mobile Access.
  6. Ensure your vehicle and phone are connected to the cellular service to facilitate vehicle-phone communication.

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