Tesla Model 3: Reset Stereo System

If you’re having problems with the stereo in your Tesla Model 3, try the following resets.

2017 – 2022 Models

Basic Reset

  1. There are two wheels set into your steering wheel on the right and left. Hold both wheels down for a few seconds.
  2. Your screen will turn off.
  3. After a few moments, your screen will automatically turn back on.

This should be enough to sort out any problems with your stereo. If not, you should complete an advanced reset as outlined below.

Advanced Reset

  1. Navigate to “Screen Settings” on your screen.
  2. Select “Power Off.”
  3. A secondary box will open asking if you are sure that you want to “Power Off” and that you should put your foot on the brake to power up again.
  4. Select “Power Off” again, and your screen will go black.
  5. Wait for at least one minute before turning your car back on.

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