Tesla Model 3: How to Open the Hood

If you’re unfamiliar with Tesla, opening the hood might seem complicated. Teslas are all-electric vehicles meaning they don’t have an engine at the front. This can sometimes confuse anyone who’s not interacted with a Tesla before.

If you’re struggling with opening the hood of your Tesla Model 3, this guide is for you. We detail the steps to open a Tesla model 3 hood.

2017 – 2022

  1. Ensure there are no obstacles above or around the hood/frunk.
  2. On your Tesla’s center screen, click on the hood button.
  3. The hood will pop open slightly.
  4. Exit the vehicle and lift the hood to open.

Other ways to open the hood of a Tesla Model 3 include:

  1. Double-clicking on the front hood or frunk button on your key fob.
  2. Click on the hood button on your Tesla mobile app to open the hood.


How can I close the hood of my Tesla Model 3?

  1. Carefully lower the hood until the hood touches the latches.
  2. Use both hands to press down firmly on the right and left sides of the Tesla badge until you engage the latches.
  3. Try lifting the edge of the hood to ensure it’s fully closed.

How can I open my Tesla Model 3 hood if my touchscreen isn’t working?

If your car touchscreen isn’t working, you can use the key fob or the Tesla mobile app to open the hood.

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