Honda CRV: Enable/Disable VSA

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The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (otherwise known as Electronic Stability Control (ESC)) system in the Honda CRV works to stabilize vehicle traction when traveling over slick surfaces. When VSA is activated, you will see a light with a vehicle with skid marks appear on the instrument panel.

You may need to turn VSA off if the vehicle is stuck in snow or mud to get better traction from all wheels.

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Honda CRV: How to Set Cruise Control

Honda CRV

Cruise control is a cool way to put your Honda CRV on autopilot so to speak. In this setting, the vehicle can maintain speeds of 25mph or more without having to press the accelerator. However, it will not set at below 25mph. In addition, the feature disconnects when the brake is applied. Albeit this is a wonderful feature, be aware that cruise control can be dangerous on winding roads, in traffic, and on wet slippery or icy roads. With that being said, here are the uncomplicated steps to follow to set your Cruise Control.

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