Subaru Forester: How to Open the Hood

Here’s a practical guide to help you pop the hood of your Subaru Forester, depending on the model year of manufacture.

2018 – 2022 Models

You can pop open the hood of this model of Subaru Forester very simply from the driver’s side.

  1. Park your car and turn off the engine.
  2. Locate the hood release lever to the left and below the steering column. Look for an image with a car that has an open hood.
  3. Pull the hood release lever gently towards you. You will hear a pop.
  4. At the front of your car, locate the secondary hood release latch found the slightly popped-up hood.
  5. Push the latch to the left, then raise the hood. The hood on these models stands up on its own and doesn’t need to be propped up.

Note: Models before 2018 follow the same steps above with the added need to use a hood support to keep the hood open.

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