Subaru Crosstrek: How To Open Trunk

The trunk is one of the frequently used spaces in a car. Not knowing how to open the trunk can inconvenience you when you’re looking to store or transport bulky items. Here’s a comprehensive guide on opening the trunk of a Subaru Crosstrek.

2013–2022 Models

Follow the steps below:

  1. Reach under the trunk handle.
  2. Press the trunk button under the handle
  3. Pull the handle outwards and raise the trunk door to open.


  1. Double-click the trunk button on your key fob while within three feet of the rear bumper
  2. The trunk door will open automatically.


Does the Subaru Crosstrek Have a Trunk Release Lever or Button?

No. The Subaru Crosstrek doesn’t have a trunk release button or lever. Double-click the trunk button on your key fob to open the trunk or press the button beneath the trunk door handle.

How Do I Know That I’ve Correctly Locked My Trunk Door?

Listen for a pop after lowering the trunk door and pushing it back in place. The pop indicates the trunk door is locked.

How Much Space Does a Subaru Crosstrek Have?

The Crosstrek has 20.8 cubic ft. of trunk cargo space with the seats up. If you lay the seats down, you can get up to 55.3 cubic ft. of space.

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