Mercedes C230: Reset the Service B

When a particular service is needed on the Mercedes C230, you will be notified via the dash display screen. A Service B notification lets you know when you need an oil change, a new filter and when the tires need rotating, among other necessary maintenance checks. If you have already had these services yet you still see the warning, continue below to find the steps to reset the Service B notification. No tools are needed for this task.

  1. Turn the key to the ON position without starting the vehicle.
  2. Via the steering wheel controls on the LEFT side, push the BOTTOM LEFT button until you see the MILEAGE in the dash screen. 
  3. Press the Bottom Right ARROW until you see SERVICE B on the screen.
  4. Push and HOLD the RESET button located in the LEFT corner of the Instrument Cluster until you see the Reset instructions on the screen.
  5. Once more, push and HOLD the RESET button until you hear a BEEP. The screen will read: SERVICE INTERVAL HAS BEEN RESET.
  6. Done! You have successfully reset the Service B on a Mercedes C230.

**NOTE: If you are unable to Reset the Service B notification on the first try, REPEAT the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual.

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