How to Reset a BMW Service Indicator

Learn how to reset the service indicator in the BMW by following these steps below.

Tip: After the vehicle has been serviced, the maintenance indicator should disappear automatically. However, if it does not, it will need resetting for effective performance. Additionally, this indicator is included to alert you if there is a problem with a particular service and should not be ignored. If the warning is not addressed, this can lead to other unexpected costly engine issues. 

  1. Press the Start button to the ON position without starting the vehicle. Do not press the brake, accelerator nor the clutch.
  2. Press and HOLD the RESET button (First Image) located to the far LEFT corner of the instrument cluster until the screen changes from the time/temperature to other settings then let go.
  3. Via the turn signal arm, move the button Up or Down until the dash screen shows the icon of what in the vehicle needs servicing or resetting, such as brake fluid, front or back brakes, vehicle check, oil, etc. 
  4. When the icon that claims it needs service is visible, push in and HOLD the BC button on the very end of the signal arm until the screen reads: RESET. Press this button on the SIDE, not the top.
  5. Hold the BC button in once more, let go when you see a small clock pop up to signify that the system is resetting the feature.
  6. When finished, turn the vehicle to the OFF position, take the key out, then put it back in without starting the engine. 
  7. Move the button on the arm signal up and down to each icon; You should see new dates for each next service as well as the mileage when service is needed next.

Note: If you are unable to reset the service indicator in the BMW on the first try, repeat the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual.

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