Ram Pickup: How To Set Clock

When the GPS TIME feature is turned on, digital navigation systems in automobiles can automatically modify the time based on the location of the vehicle. When in a new time zone, this feature will adjust your clock. You can adjust time manually, too. We’re showing you the steps to set the clock on your Ram Pickup.

2017-2022 Models

There are three options to set the clock on your vehicle. Here’s the first option:

  1. Make sure the key is in the ON position.
  2. To change the HOUR on the entertainment system, press and hold the H button next to the display.
  3. To change the MINUTES, press and hold the button.

This is the second option:

  1. Place the key in the ON position, Don’t start the ignition.
  2. To change the time, press and hold the TIME button. When the hour starts to blink, the time is ready to be set.
  3. To change the HOURturn the Dial to the RIGHT.
  4. To move to the MINUTES, press the Dial. Change the MINUTES by turning the Dial.
  5. To set the time you want for sure, press Dial one more time.

For automobiles with digital navigation systems:

  1. Turn on the GPS Time feature. The system will automatically change your time zone based on where you are currently located.

2010-2017 Models

  1. Set the key to the ON position (DO NOT start the ignition).
  2. Setup button pressed and held (located to the right of the display).
  3. To change the HOUR, press the dial on the RIGHT side.
  4. To change the HOUR, turn the dial.
  5. To adjust the MINUTES, press the knob on the RIGHT side.
  6. To change the minutes, turn the dial.
  7. To set the time you want for sure, press the dial one more time.

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