PT Cruiser: How To Set Clock

If your clock isn’t showing the right time, you might need to reset it. To change the time on your PT Cruiser, follow these simple instructions.

2009 – 2010 Model

  1. Push the radio’s “Menu” toggle until “Clock Set” appears on the screen.
  2. Set the hour with the tuning knob, and press “Menu” to progress to the following field.
  3. Set the minutes with the tuning knob, and then press “Menu” to proceed to the following field.
  4. Click the “Menu” button again to save the setup and leave the configuration mode for the clock.

2006 – 2008 Model

  1. Push the “Menu” icon on the radio to open the navigation pane.
  2. To get to the “Clock” menu, use the tuning knob.
  3. Click the tuning knob to open the clock menu.
  4. Adjust the time by turning the tuning knob.
  5. Push the “Menu” tab to leave the clock menu and save your new time.

 2001 – 2005 Models

  1. Start the vehicle.
  2. Hold down the “Trip” icon until the hour numbers start flashing.
  3. To raise the hour digits, push the “Trip” key.
  4. After selecting the correct hour, click the “Reset” button to switch to minute digits.
  5. To enhance the minute digits, hit the “Trip” button.
  6. Once the right minutes have been set, click the “Reset” option to start over.

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