PT Cruiser: How to Open Trunk

Chrysler’s PT Cruiser doesn’t have an internal release lever for the hatch (trunk).  So how do you open the trunk? Follow the steps below to learn how.

2001 – 2010 Models

Note: The trunk release is part of the power door locks system.

  1. Press unlock on your key fob.
  2. Locate the touch button on the underside of the trunk handle.
  3. Lightly apply pressure and lift the trunk door toward you.


My Trunk Still Won’t Open – What Should I Do?

First, try unlocking your car again. Your car has to be in park and unlocked for the trunk to be opened. This safety feature prevents the trunk from opening while the car is moving. If your car is unlocked but still won’t open, there may be an issue with the trunk touch button. Take your PT to the nearest Chrysler shop to receive further assistance.

Is there Emergency Access to My Trunk?

In an emergency, you can access the hatch area from the inside of your car by Lowering the rear seats and crawling into the rear of the car.

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