Subaru Outback: Add/Delete Contacts

Storing phone numbers in your Subaru Outback is a modern-day safety action as this allows one to communicate via calls, access call lists, and send text messages all hands-free, eliminating distractions whilst driving. Simply follow the uncomplicated steps below to help you set up this magnificent feature.

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How to Reset BMW Computer

BMW Logo

After your BMW is serviced the mechanic will reset the computer so it can register your mileage which is how you know when the vehicle needs service again in the future. However, if you service your own vehicle but are unsure of how to reset the computer system, follow these steps below to assist you.

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How to Program Honda CRV Keyless Entry Remote

Honda CRV

It takes about less than 5 minutes to program a Keyless Remote/ Key Fob in a Honda CRV, however, you MUST perform the steps as listed and in a timely form, not to Fast or to Slow, as if you do not do this properly the programming will FAIL and the battery terminal will have to be removed for at least 30 seconds. Thereafter, you would have to start the process all over again. Follow the uncomplicated steps below to learn how to program a new key fob or re-program an old one.

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Honda Odyssey: Reset Airbag Light (SRS)

Honda Odyssey

The SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Warning light on the Honda Odyssey is designed to only come on after the vehicle has been in an accident. If the light comes on otherwise, then there is a problem with the internal diagnostic system. No worries as this can be remedied with an effective at-home fix which can, in turn, save you a lot of money. Continue below to learn how to Reset the SRS Warning Light.

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