Nissan Armada: Reset Oil Life

The oil life does not automatically reset when you do an oil change in your vehicle. You have to reset it manually. This post will show you how to reset the oil life on a Nissan Armada. 2016 – 2022 Models You can reset the oil life of these models in two ways. Method 1 … Read more

Mazda CX-5: How to Open the Hood

Mazda CX-5

You may need to open the hood of your Mazda to refill your washer fluid or work on your engine. Follow the steps below for your model year. 2016 – 2022 Models Locate the hood release lever to the left of the steering wheel. Pull the hood release lever. Slip your hand under the hood near … Read more

Toyota Sienna: Reset TPMS

Toyota Sienna

A TPMS warning light appears on a Toyota Sienna’s instrument cluster. It can be an indication of low pressure on one of the tires. It may also appear after changing or rotating tires. Moreover, the warning light may appear after loading your vehicle with heavy luggage. This guide shows you how to reset the TPMS … Read more

Nissan Armada: Release/Open Fuel Door

Different cars have different fuel door opening techniques. Some vehicles have fuel door release levers or buttons while others don’t. Here’s a comprehensive guide on releasing the fuel door of a Nissan Armada. 2017 – 2022 Models Unlock your car. Press the right edge of the fuel door inwards. The fuel door will pop open. … Read more

Toyota Sienna: Reset Stereo System

Toyota Sienna

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with resetting the stereo system of your Toyota Sienna. Here’s a step-by-step guide on resetting the stereo system on various Toyota Sienna models. 2015 – 2022 Models Place the ignition in the On position. Wait for the multimedia screen and stereo system to power on for a few seconds. Press and … Read more