Kia Forte: How to Reset The Oil Change Due Light

Kia Forte

After each oil change and new filter, the maintenance oil light indicator, or the service interval, should be reset for effective performance. This indicator is included to alert you if there is a problem with the vehicle’s oil, whereof, if not addressed, can lead to other unexpected costly engine issues. However, if the light does NOT disappear automatically, simply implement the following actions step by step.

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Chevy Cruze: Start Car With Low Remote Battery

Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze allows the vehicle to start if the key fob transmitter is in the cab. This can sometimes be a problem if the battery in the key fob is low. When this happens, the display on the instrument panel may display a message that say “No Remote Detected” or “Replace Battery in Remote Key.” When this happens to you, here are your options:

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