Hyundai Tucson: Reset TPMS

This guide shows you how to reset the TPMS on the Hyundai Tucson. When one of the tires on your vehicle has low pressure, the TPMS system shows you a low-pressure warning on the dashboard. You’ll also see a lingering low-pressure warning light on the instrument cluster. There is no TPMS reset button on the … Read more

Hyundai Tucson: Reset Oil Life

The ‘Oil Change Required’ warning message reminds you that your oil life is low, and you need to change the oil soon. When you take the vehicle for an oil change, this message does not automatically disappear. You have to reset the oil life and set the mileage or service interval. We’ve prepared some instructions … Read more

Mercedes C230: How To Set Clock

Setting your clock to the Mercedes C230 model is interesting—once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to access the time and date in your vehicle. The Mercedes C230 comes with a digital clock that can be adjusted via the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel and many other capabilities. 2019-2022 Models Press and hold the menu … Read more

Tesla Model S: How to Open the Hood

Sometimes, simple processes like opening the hood of a car can seem complicated. If you’re struggling with opening the hood of your Tesla Model S, you’re not alone. Use the guide below for step-by-step instructions on opening the hood of your Tesla Model S. 2012 – 2022 Models On your car touchscreen, tap on Vehicle to bring up … Read more

Honda HR-V: Connect a Phone

Honda drivers can make and receive calls without touching their phones with the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink feature. Here’s how to pair your phone with the Honda HR-V: 2017-2022 Models Check to ensure your phone is compatible. Park the Honda HR-V and switch on the ignition. Press the infotainment system button and bring up the phone screen. When pairing … Read more