Chevy HHR: How To Open Trunk

chevy hhr

If you are lucky enough to own a Chevy HHR, you know of its sleek style, high roof, and spacious trunk space. But spacious trunk space is obsolete if you cannot figure out how to open your trunk. Follow the steps below to get the most out of your Chevy HHR trunk. 2007-2011 The 2007 … Read more

Chevy HHR: Connect a Phone

chevy hhr

Pairing a phone with a 2009-2011 Chevy HHR There are 6 steps to pair your Bluetooth-enabled phone to a 2009-2011 Chevy HHR. Press and hold the answer/voice command button for roughly 2 seconds until the voice menu activates. Clearly say “Bluetooth” to enter into the Bluetooth option menu “Pair” is the next command you will give. Have something … Read more

Chevy HHR: How to Open the Hood

chevy hhr

Some cars change year after year but Chevy is a tried and true classic. They know how to make things work and don’t change mechanisms unless something is truly wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 2006 HHR or a 2011 model; here’s how to open the hood. Release the Interior Lever On the … Read more

Chevy HHR: Release the Fuel Door

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Fueling your ride is essential to keep you moving. Here you can learn how to release and open your fuel door. 2006-2011 Locate your fuel door on the rear passenger side of your vehicle. To open the fuel door, push in the rearward center edge of the fuel door. This action will release the door, and you can pull … Read more

Chevy Cruze: Can’t Fill Gas Tank

chevy cruze

For most vehicles, including the Chevy Cruze, the most common cause of a gas tank not filling up is a clogged or saturated charcoal canister. The charcoal canister forms a part of the larger Evaporative Emissions Control System, EVAP, whose task is to collect and store fuel vapors from the fuel tank. However, this is … Read more