How to Open Trunk on the Ford Focus

You’re not the only one that might be perplexed about how to open the trunk on the Ford Focus. Here’s how it’s done.

Using Key Fob

  • Press the “Trunk” button on the key fob rapidly two times. Note┬áthat on many models (such as the 2012 version) there is no trunk release located in the cab of the vehicle.

Console Button

  • For models that do have a release button in the cab, you can find it located on the console below the dashboard air vent on the driver’s side.

Outside of the Vehicle

  • With all doors unlocked, press the button located on the rear liftgate, along the rear trim under the Ford logo.
    Focus Trunk Button Location

Manual Emergency Release

  • If you don’t have power to the vehicle, you can utilize the emergency trunk release lever. This lever is bright and glows. It is located either on the luggage compartment door, or near the tail lamps, depending on the model Focus.


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