How to Open Fuel Door on the Chrysler Pacifica

There’s no “universal standard” when it comes to fuel doors. It seems like every single auto manufacturer has their own ideas about how drivers should be able to open those doors before refueling. Some even invent a bunch of different systems to use across various vehicles.

This often causes confusion for drivers, as you have to figure out the exact way to open the fuel door in every new car you drive. Some have buttons. Others have levers. Some just have doors that you can push or pull open.

In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about opening a fuel door on the Chrysler Pacifica, covering older Pacificas and new models.


Opening the Fuel Door on a Pacifica Minivan (2017-Now)

The Pacifica has had two main iterations. One dating back to 2004-08, when it was a crossover, and a second, more modern release, which began in 2017. The 2017 (current) version of the Pacifica is a minivan which replaced Chrysler’s Town & Country.

For these modern Pacificas, there are two possible methods to open the fuel door. The method you choose will depend on whether or not your vehicle has a fuel release button inside the cabin or not. Typically, only the Hybrid Pacificas will have the button.

First Method (with the Button)

  1. Locate the fuel release button. It’s found on the inside of the driver’s door, within the lower “map pocket” or storage area. It has a fuel pump symbol on it. Push that button.
  2. You should hear a click and the display of your car will say “Ready to Refuel.” You can then exit the vehicle and simply open the door to refuel.

Second Method (without the Button)

If your Pacifica has no obvious button within the cabin, no need to panic. Here’s what to do:

  1. Exit the car and walk back to the fuel door.
  2. Push firmly on the rear side of the fuel door. It should simply pop right open, allowing you to refuel.

Opening the Fuel Door on a Pacifica Crossover (2004-2008)

If you’re driving an older Pacifica, back from the crossover days of 2004-08, here’s how to open the fuel door. Note that there’s no point looking for a latch or switch inside the cabin, as there isn’t one. Instead, you just open the door manually:

  1. Exit the vehicle and walk to the rear, where the fuel door is located.
  2. Slide a finger under the lip of the fuel door.
  3. Pull the door open.

That’s it. You can then remove the fuel cap, fuel up, replace the cap, and then manually shut the door. Note that there isn’t any lock or latch to seal the door shut, but it will stay closed until the next time you slide it open.

How to Open Fuel Door on the Chrysler Pacifica

Opening a Stuck Fuel Door on a Chrysler Pacifica

If your Pacifica’s fuel door is stuck and won’t open, no matter what, there is an emergency release.

  1. Go to the rear of the vehicle and open the trunk.
  2. Open the panel door in the left wall.
  3. Inside, you’ll see another, smaller door you can open up, with a green piece of plastic attached to a string.
  4. Pull on that green plastic to release the fuel door.

Note that this only applies for modern (minivan) Pacificas. If you’ve got an older Pacifica, or yours doesn’t seem to have the emergency release, you’ll most likely need to seek professional repair.

Open Your Fuel Door in No Time

Whether you’ve rented a Pacifica or just bought one – new or used – that’s how to open the fuel door. It’s quite simple, once you know how. But many drivers understandably aren’t sure how to do it the first time.

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12 thoughts on “How to Open Fuel Door on the Chrysler Pacifica”

  1. Has anyone used that white plastic nozzle for refueling? Is it only for siphoning? Has anyone used this nozzle and is there a trick to using it? I have to fill my tank for the first time at a gas station after purchasing a 2019 Pacifica. Will the gas station nozzle fit directly down into tank with that anti-siphoning lock? Thanks.

    • Yes, the fuel nozzle will be all you need to fill the tank. The plastic nozzle is only if you need to use a gas can to put gas in your tank. The plastic nozzle just goes in far enough to open the safety valve that otherwise would not open if you were fueling from a can. Hope this helps!

  2. I did the same thing! Search everywhere for a button to open the fuel door. Thank God I googled it and found this website! Really enjoying the Pacifica. But I’ve almost needed a training class to find all the option controls. Took me a while to stop washing my windshield every time I put it into drive, park, or reverse. Lol The knob on the dash takes getting used to. And I’ve left it running a couple times because the engine is so quiet and not having a key also takes getting used to. But really glad we chose a Pacifica.

  3. I’ve been driving my 2019 Pacifica all over NJ shore for almost 3 months. (Brand new to me) I was in PA for a day and thought I would fill up there as gas was actually a few cents cheaper. Neither my daughter nor I could figure out how to open the darn fuel door. She pulled out the manual but no instructions written. We got disgusted and headed back to NJ. Fortunately I didn’t really need gas. This is a first for us. Thank you for the info. Now we don’t feel so dumb. And yes there are so many gizmos and gadgets it takes a while to learn them all.

  4. Yes, Thank you for this website and valuable info. My parents flew in from Michigan to visit us and their 5 Great Grandchildren (2 Pandemic Babies) to Atlanta, Georgia and rented the Chrysler Pacifica. On our way back to the airport to return the vehicle, needed to refuel, naturally. I realized while waiting in my vehicle that Dad could not locate the lever, button, etc. to open fuel tank, so I Googled it and found your site!! What a great assistance! Much appreciated!😊

  5. 2021 Pacifica plug in HYBRID….. DOES have a push button for the gas door. Driver’s door upper “map pocket”. There is also an emergency release if the button fails. This release is inside left rear side open door holding the tire inflator kit and charge cord. A second small door is opened to reveal the pull handle which will open the gas door.
    The Owner’s manual did not seem to mention these features.

    • Update! Just went to a Chrysler dealer to find out how to open the gas cover. It didn’t spring open because the spring is gone! Had to pull it open with fingernail. Spring ordered!


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