Nissan Titan: Reset Airbag Module

The airbag warning light on the Nissan Titan will illuminate when the vehicle has been in an accident. If the light comes on otherwise, then there may be a problem with the internal diagnostic system. No worries, as this can be remedied with an effective at-home fix which can, in turn, save you a lot of money. Continue below to learn how to reset the light.

  1. With all the doors closed. Switch the key to the on position.
  2. Normally the airbag warning light will start blinking. However, before it blinks, switch the ignition to the off position quickly.
  3. After 5 seconds, switch the key to the on position.
  4. Wait for the light to go off, then switch the key off.
  5. Repeat this 3x in a row.
  6. Then, remove the key from the ignition and wait for about 10 seconds.
  7. Put the key back in and switch the ignition to the on position.
  8. The light will be solid; then it will disappear.
  9. Start the engine, and wait a few seconds to ensure the light is completely gone.

If so, you are all set!

NOTE: If you are unable to reset the airbag warning light on the first try, repeat the steps. If you are still unsuccessful, contact the dealership for assistance or consult your vehicle user’s manual

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