Nissan Titan: How to Reset Oil Change Light Notification

Nissan Titan’s oil change light notification signals the driver that the vehicle needs an oil change and other necessary maintenance services. It gives the user time to schedule and perform the recommended activities, saving them from greater inconveniences and impending accidents.

However, it’s not uncommon to find the oil change light notification still beeping even after performing the recommended maintenance. When this happens, the best solution is to reset it, as it can be an “eyesore” for many.

2020 – 2023 Models

  1. Press the engine button next to the gear stick to turn the car on.
  2. On the left side of your steering wheel, press the OK button. If you get a notification on your dashboard telling you “service due now” or anything to that effect, press the OK button again to dismiss it.
  3. Use the left or right keys to find and select, Settings.
  4. Use the down arrow key to move down the list, and select Maintenance.
  5. Select Oil Control System option by pressing the OK button. Hold it until a prompt appears on the screen asking you if you are sure that you want to reset it.
  6. Select Yes, then press OK to confirm.

2016 – 2019 Models

  1. Locate the left and right arrows on the left side of the steering wheel. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Maintenance.
  3. Choose Oil Filter.
  4. Select the reset button to confirm.

2005 – 2015 Models

  1. Press the info button (an elongated, pin-like button located just under the speed gauge display), then cycle to the settings menu.
  2. Use the tuning knob to highlight the Maintenance option, then press to select.
  3. Use the tuning knob to highlight the Oil Change option, then push to select.
  4. Use the tuning knob to highlight the Reset option and push to select.
  5. Select your ideal mileage till service, then push to select.
  6. Press Reset, and you are good to go.

Note: You can follow the same steps to reset tire rotation and the other services available.

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