Nissan Titan: How to Open the Hood

The only way to check coolant, transmission fluid, oil, and the entire engine system for a Nissan Titan is by opening the hood. But how will you achieve that if you do not know how to open the hood in the first place? Whether you have just acquired a new Nisan Titan or need a simple refresher, this piece explains everything you need to know about opening your vehicle’s hood.

2015 – 2023 Models

  1. Locate the hood release handle below the driver’s side instrument panel and gently pull it. The hood will spring up slightly.
  2. Head to the hood, locate a colored lever near the middle and push it to the left-hand side. Raise the hood to open it.
  3. When closing the hood, lower it gently until it latches, then push it to lock into position.

2004 – 2014 Models

  1. Pull the hood release handle located below the driver’s side instrument panel. The hood will open slightly, leaving a space big enough to fit your palm.
  2. Go to the center of your car’s hood and insert your hand with your palm facing downwards.
  3. Move your palm slowly until you feel a moveable lever. Using your index and middle finger, gently push the lever to the left until the hood opens.

Common Problems that Affect How You Open Your Nissan Titan’s Hood

For older models, the space between the hood and the car’s interior might not fit your hand or fingers. If that is the case, you can use a thinner object, such as a screwdriver, to push the lever to the side and open the hood.

Other issues include:

Worn-Out Hood Release Cable

The hood release cable links your Nissan’s hood release handle with the latch in your hood. When you pull the hood release handle, the cable moves the latch so the hood opens slightly. However, the cable might wear out as time passes, making the system ineffective.

If this happens, you must change the hood release cable. Using outside methods to open the hood might compromise the latch, which might cause the hood to unlock as you drive. Also, always purchase a genuine hood release cable from a Nissan Parts authorized dealer.

Stuck Hood Release Handle

Like the hood release cable, the hood release handle under the driver’s instrument panel can wear and tear, reducing its effectiveness. The solution is to have a professional change or repair the handle.

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