Nissan Rogue: Release/Open Fuel Door

Opening and closing a fuel door can sometimes be complicated. If you’re struggling with opening the fuel door of your Nissan Rogue, you’re not alone. This guide details the exact steps to open/release the fuel door of various Nissan Rogue models.

2022 – 2020 Models

  1. Ensure your car is unlocked.
  2. Push the back side of the fuel door, the side closest to the tail light, inwards toward the car.
  3. The fuel door will pop open, and you’ll notice that the fuel cavity doesn’t have a fuel cap.
  4. After fueling, push the fuel door inwards until you hear a pop.

2019 – 2008 Models

  1. Locate the fuel door release button on the lower left side of the instrument panel.
  2. Push the fuel release button. The fuel door will open.
  3. To remove the fuel cap inside, turn the cap handle counterclockwise.
  4. Hook the cap on the holder on the inside part of the fuel door.
  5. After fueling, place the cap in the fuel cavity and turn clockwise until you hear a single click.
  6. Close the fuel door.

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