Nissan Maxima: How to Connect a Phone

The Nissan Maxima is manufactured by Nissan and is presented as Nissan’s most important sedan in China, North America, and the middle east. The car is currently in its eighth generation. Since 2007, Nissan Maxima vehicles have had Bluetooth. The following are easy steps on how to connect.

2016 -2022 Model

  1. The vehicle must be parked.
  2. Set up your device by opening the settings on your phone and ensuring the Bluetooth functionality is on.
  3. Set up your vehicle by pressing the phone button on the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  4. Select connect new device on your display screen. If the vehicle is not equipped with navigation, press the setting button that is located on the vehicle audio system.
  5. Select Bluetooth, then select add phone.
  6. On your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select my car and pair your phone.
  7. Ensure that the PIN shown on the vehicle and the device are the same.
  8. If the pins match, accept the pairing request on the phone and select OK on your car.
  9. Press confirm.

2007-2014 Models

  1. The phone button is located on the steering wheel. Press it to activate the Bluetooth on your vehicle.
  2. Search for My Car on your phone.
  3. Put in the pin code 1234, which will reflect on your display screen.
  4. Your phone will connect with your vehicle.

Tips for Better Connectivity

  • Turn off Bluetooth on other devices to avoid interference
  • Move a metallic object away from your phone and the vehicle audio system
  • Ensure your phone is close to the vehicle’s audio system for maximum signal strength
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged to avoid low connectivity.

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