Ford Mustang: Reset the Oil Change Light

After each oil change and new filter, the maintenance oil light indicator on the Ford Mustang may need resetting. Use the option below that fits the model you drive.

Option 1

  1. With the switch in the ON position without starting the vehicle and without pressing the brake nor accelerator.
  2. Via your menu controls, scroll to SETTINGS.
  3. Select VEHICLE (Some models, go to Settings, Advanced Settings, then Vehicle).
  4. Select OIL LIFE RESET.
  5. Push in and HOLD the OK button until you see, reset 100%.
  6. Switch the ignition OFF, then START the vehicle. Warning light should be out!

Option 2

  1. With the switch in the ON position without starting the vehicle, and without pressing the brake nor accelerator:
  2. Using the controls located on the left side of the steering wheel, press OK until you reach settings.
  3. Using the RIGHT arrow, press until VEHICLE is selected.
  4. Using the RIGHT arrow again, press until OIL LIGHT RESET is selected.
  5. Press the RIGHT arrow once more, then the current Oil % will appear
  6. Press and HOLD the OK button. You will visibly see the system Reset to 100%.

Option 3

  1. Turn the key to indicator. Do not start the engine. For push button starts, press the button once without starting the engine, then quickly perform the next step.
  2. For turn key ignitions, press both the gas and brake simultaneously all the way down as far as they will go for about 20 seconds. The display will say “Resetting Oil”. Keep pedals pressed until it says completed.

I hope these instructions have helped you successfully reset the Oil Life on your Ford Mustang.

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