Mitsubishi Outlander: Release Fuel Door

Are you looking for the fuel door release latch or button on your Mitsubishi Outlander? You’re not the only one. Use these steps to release the fuel door and access the gas cap.

  1. Locate the fuel door release lever right next to the driver’s seat on the floorboard. It can be difficult to find because of its dark color, but it’s there.
  2. Pull the lever upward to release the fuel door. From there, you should be able to open the gas cap by twisting it counter-clockwise.


My fuel door is stuck. What can I do?

Try cramming a credit card into the door. Leave it there while pulling on the latch. This should provide additional pressure to force it to pop open.

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    • Same here? We have a rental & even hard to find in the daytime.. it blends in with the trim….hey why not make the little gas tank on the lever white?!


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