Mercedes C230: How To Set Clock

Setting your clock to the Mercedes C230 model is interesting—once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to access the time and date in your vehicle. The Mercedes C230 comes with a digital clock that can be adjusted via the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel and many other capabilities.

2019-2022 Models

  1. Press and hold the menu button until you get to the screen that says “set to stand still.”
  2. Press the up 🔼 arrow, and you will see the Instrument, Lighting, and Vehicle options.
  3. Select the Instrument options.
  4. Set the clock using the positive (+) and negative (-) buttons to select the desired hour.
  5. Press the up 🔼 button to go to the next screen to select the minutes.
  6. Press the reset button to finish up the setting procedure.

2010-2018 Models

  1. Until the “Settings” menu appears on the multi-function display of the vehicle, repeatedly press the “Next Menu” button on the steering wheel.
  2. To open the “Time/Date” submenu a second time, use the “+” or “-” buttons.
  3. Continue using the up or down arrow keys until the “Time, Minutes” message appears.
  4. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the clock’s minutes numbers to the proper time.
  5. To save your modifications to the minute’s digits, press the “Reset” button on the instrument panel.


Why is my new setting not displaying after setting the clock?

The new setting on your clock will not be saved if you fail to hit the “Reset” button after changing the hours or minutes. Adjust this.

Why is my clock resetting when I turn my car on and off?

If the clock in your Mercedes C230 is continually slowing down or constantly resetting, this could be signaling a bigger issue. This typically means that your battery is low or faulty. Consider changing it.

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