Mercedes-Benz C250: Reset TPMS

Your Mercedes-Benz C250 TPMS light can turn on when you start your car or while driving. If the TPMS light turns on when driving, it’s primarily because of a significant temperature change or a leak in one or more tires. If the light is still on after fixing the tire pressure, you can turn it off by resetting the TPMS.

For safety, park your car and turn off your engine before resetting your TPMS.

2014 – 2022 Models

  1. Check the recommended tire pressure for your Mercedes-Benz C250 inside the fuel door.
  2. Use the steering wheel button to access the Service Menu.
  3. Scroll down the menu until you get to Tire Pressure.
  4. Press the OK button on the steering wheel.
  5. After pressing ok, you’ll see pressure readings of each tire. If there’s a tire with low pressure, you’ll see a warning for that tire.
  6. If you receive a message saying ‘Tire Pressure to Display After a Few Minutes,’ drive for at least ten minutes, then recheck the pressure.
  7. Next, restart TPMS using the steering wheel button.
  8. Finally, press the OK button to confirm
  9. The TPMS light should turn off at this point.

Alternatively, use the steps below:

  1. Press the steering wheel’s forward/backward button until it displays the trip and odometer.
  2. Press the up 🔼 and down 🔽 button on your steering wheel until you see the tire pressure monitor.
  3. Next, press the plus button. You should see a ‘Tire Press. Monitor Activated! – Press’ Message. You may have to repeat the above process if you receive a ‘Reactivate Tire Press Monitor’ message.
  4. If the tire pressure monitor activates, check if any tire’s pressure is high or low and adjust.

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