Mercedes-Benz C250: How To Set Clock

Before daylight savings time hits, make sure you know how to set the clock in your Mercedes-Benz C250.

2020-2022 Models

Follow the below procedure to set the clock on your car:

  1. Be sure to set the clock with the vehicle outdoors to ensure a strong GPS signal reception.
  2. To set the clock, press the system button on command, select time, then the time zone.
  3. Select daylight savings time or standard time, and the instrument cluster will reset automatically.
  4. If you want to set it manually, set the clock to a different time of day, select time, then set it.
  5. Rotate the command knob left or right to change the clock setting. The clock can only be set in 30-minute increments.
  6. Press the command button down to save the change.

 2015-2019 Models

  1. Press the system button, select the time, then time zone respectively.
  2. Follow the guidelines on the screen and select either daylight savings time or standard time, and it will reset automatically.

To Set the Clock Manually:

  1. Set the clock to a different time of the day and select time.
  2. To change the clock setting, rotate the command button left or right.
  3. Press the command button down to save the changes made.

2010-2014 Model

  1. Press the System button on the dash or select the System Menu on the main screen using the central controller.
  2. Select Time and set the preferred time
  3. Rotate the knob until you reach the correct time. Once you find the right time, press the knob to confirm.

That’s it!  The clock will be set correctly on both your instrument and the infotainment screen.

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