Mazda CX-5 ‘Unable to Connect Device’ Message

While trying to connect my phone to my Mazda CX-5 via Bluetooth, I was greeted with a message that said ‘Unable to Connect Device. Time Limit Exceeded‘.  This message appears after the audio system attempts to connect to a Bluetooth device and fails.

After some research and extensive troubleshooting, I discovered some solutions to this problem.

Eliminate Interference

  1. Park the vehicle. Some models may prevent Bluetooth connections while driving. This is a safety feature.
  2. Turn the ignition fully off, then restart.
  3. Make sure your phone is not close to other electronic devices. Even the key fob to the Mazda can interfere with the connection.
  4. Make sure the phone is about 3 feet away from the dashboard. I’ve personally found that keeping my phone on the passenger side of the vehicle results in a more consistent Bluetooth connection.
  5. If you have other Bluetooth devices (like a passenger phone) in or around the vehicle, shut them off or disable Bluetooth on them.

Once you are certain interference isn’t the cause, attempt to connect your phone again.

Unpair & Re-pair Phone

  1. If the above steps didn’t help you, unpairing, then re-pairing the phone with the audio system is the next thing you’ll need to try.
  2. From the Home screen, select ⚙️.
  3. Select “Devices“.
  4. Choose “Bluetooth“.
  5. Select the name of the phone you are trying to get working.
  6. Select “Disconnect“.

Now you can re-pair the phone with the audio system.

I hope this guide has assisted you in getting past the ‘Unable to connect device’ message, and back to using your phone with your Mazda CX-5. I’m open for questions and comments below.

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