Mazda 6: How To Set Clock

Is your car’s clock running behind or resetting? Here’s how you set the clock on any model year of a Mazda 6.

2016-2022 Models

  1. With the navigation system, scroll to the settings.
  2. From there, scroll till you get to the clock setting.
  3. Select adjust time. The clock’s current time is displayed.
  4. The first + and – buttons are used to adjust the hour. + to increase and – to reduce.
  5. The next + and – buttons are used to adjust the minute. + to increase and – to reduce.

Additional Features to Adjust

  • Am/pm can only be used if the clock setting is on a 12hr clock system. You can find it in the time format option.
  • Time zone select allows you to select your desired time zone.
  • If you have the GPS sync selected, adjust time and time zone select are disabled, and the correct time is set automatically.

2009-2013 Models

  1. Find the hour (indicated as H), minute (indicated as M)  and reset button (indicated as :00)—located above the radio and the CD button.
  2. To adjust the hour, press and hold the H button.
  3. To adjust the minute, press and hold the M button.
  4. When resetting the time to the nearest hour, press and hold the reset button. (If it shows 12:12, pressing the reset button will move it to 12:00)

2003-2008 Models

The clock and set buttons are required to change the time.

  1. Hold the clock button down for 2-3 seconds. It will beep, and the display will flash.
  2. Use the set button to make changes and the clock button to change the hour, minute, or from 12/24hr.
  3. Press the clock button to move to the hour.
  4. Press  the set button to make the desired change in the hour.
  5. Press the clock button to move to the minute
  6. Press the set button to make the desired change in the minute.
  7. Lastly, press the clock button to confirm and finish.

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