Kia Soul: Reset TPMS

TPMS alerts you when your tire pressure is too low or too high. Proper tire pressure is essential in maintaining road safety through reduced risk of tire bursts, shorter braking distance, and better fuel economy. This guide helps you learn how to reset TPMS in various Kia Soul models.

2017 – 2022 Models

  1. Turn on the car without running the engine.
  2. Adjust the tire pressure to the level recommended on the tire placard.
  3. Find the TPMS button on the right side of the steering wheel near the horn.
  4. Press and hold the TPMS button for at least five seconds or until the tire pressure light blinks three times.
  5. The TPMS light will go off.

2010 – 2015 Models

You will require a TPMS Tool and OBDII Module or another TPMS scan tool with a proper format to reset TPMS on these Kia Soul models. Purchase a TPMS tool in the nearest auto accessories store near you.

  1. Adjust the tire pressure to the pressure recommended on the tire placard.
  2. Select your Kia Soul model details and year in your TPMS tool.
  3. On your TPMS Tool menu, select OBDII.
  4. Use the TPMS Tool to scan each sensor, beginning with the left front tire and moving to the others in the following order, RF, RR, and LR.
  5. After storing all sensor IDs, use the tool’s up and down arrows to select On-Board Diagnostic (OBD).
  6. Turn on the ignition without running the engine.
  7. Connect the OBDII connector to the TPMS tool and your car’s ODBII port. Ensure the OBDII port green light is on.
  8. On the TPMS Tool menu, select Upload Car IDs.
  9. Upload the previously stored sensor IDs.
  10. Wait for a Relearn Complete or IDs uploaded to car message.
  11. After, turn off the ignition, then re-scan each sensor.
  12. Drive your car above 30mph for fifteen minutes.
  13. Check to see if the TPMS light blinks.

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  1. How do you turn on a 2021 KIA Soul with push to start button without running the engine as your post tells you to in step one of the reset the TPMS Light directions?


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