Kia Soul: Factory Reset Stereo System

If the stereo system on the Kia Soul isn’t working properly, you may want to perform a factory reset on it with these steps.

1. Locate the small reset button hole on the faceplate of the radio. It is usually located to the lower-right of the display, but is sometimes located at the upper-right of the display.

Reset Button

2. Use a paper clip or pen tip to press and hold the “Reset” button for 1 second. The entire system will reset.

17 thoughts on “Kia Soul: Factory Reset Stereo System”

  1. I have a 2018 Kia soul the dash half of my dash is on and the rest of the dashboard is totally off I hit the reset button and nothing happened so now what do I do

  2. I just bought a used 2013 KIA soul and the setup button isn’t working to set up my phone, all the other buttons are fine

    • I have a 2019 and I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve tried to reset it but nothing works. Did you get it solved on your 2018? If so please share

  3. My voice recognition stopped working after I tried, unsuccessfully, for t h e fifth time to update the software. The techs seem to think I’m doing android auto wrong. I’m not. It’s the car’s VR, not AA. I tried the reset and the screen went black and then everything came back the way it just was. They’re supposed to get in touch with Kia techs in the head office to see if they know what to do. It’s irritating that they don’t seem to understand the car’s VR.


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