Jeep Grand Cherokee: Connect a Phone

You can use Bluetooth to connect your phone wirelessly to your Jeep Grand Cherokee multimedia system. You can enjoy fantastic features, including turn-by-turn navigation and music streaming.

Before pairing your phone and car, ensure you are parked with your engine set to On or Run.

2011 – 2022 Model

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  2. Turn on your Jeep Uconnect screen.
  3. Select the Phone 📞 button.
  4. Select Add Device.
  5. Select Settings. Your system will display a unique pin once it is discoverable.
  6. From your phone, select Jeep Grand Cherokee on your Bluetooth screen.
  7. Once selected, the two will begin to pair. You may need to input or confirm the pin on your Uconnect screen.

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