Hyundai Sonata: How To Set Clock

You can quickly set the time on the Hyundai Sonata’s upgraded digital dash for date and time settings. Check the time wherever you are by looking at the dashboard.

Setting the clock in Hyundai Sonata 2020- 2022

  1. Press the setup button
  2. Press the clock icon on the display screen.
  3. Touch GPS time (it will automatically change time depending on the time zone you are in).
  4. To activate the Daylight Savings Time feature, tap on the display screen

Display the Analog or Digital Clock

This option is for navigation-equipped vehicles:

  1. Touch view on the display screen and you will have a choice to choose either a digital or analog clock.
  2. Hold the power button on to display the type of clock you choose.

2010-2019 Model

  1. Tap the clock on the touchscreen of your Hyundai vehicle.
  2. If the car lacks GPS, select the option that shows the time as it is now.
  3. Configure the month, day, year, hour, minute, and AM/PM choices.
  4. Tap the back button (top left corner)
  5. Select the GPS Time option if the vehicle has a GPS. This option is active when the box next to it is selected.

To switch on or off Daylight Saving Time:

  1. Tap the clock on the touchscreen of your Hyundai vehicle.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select Daylight Saving Time. The option is active when the box adjacent to it is ticked
  3. Use the back button in the top left corner.

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