Hyundai Santa Fe: Reset Oil Life

The oil life /maintenance alert reminds you to perform an oil change after clocking specific mileage. Changing oil regularly is essential to ensure proper lubrication and eliminate debris that wears down the engine. If you’re struggling with resetting your Hyundai Santa Fe oil life, this guide is for you. We detail the exact steps to reset oil life in various Hyundai Santa Fe models.

2019–2022 Models

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.
  2. Press the Mode button on the steering wheel several times to go to User Settings.
  3. On the menu, use the Navigation switch to go to Select Interval, then press Ok to enter.
  4. Activate Service Interval by checking the box next to Service Interval.
  5. Use the Navigation switch to adjust time and distance and set the oil life reminder after a specific interval.
  6. Press Ok to confirm oil life reset.

2013–2018 Models

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the ignition to the On position without running the engine.
  2. To go to User Settings, press the Mode button on the steering wheel repeatedly.
  3. Use the Up 🔼 and Down 🔽 arrows to select Service Interval on the menu.
  4. Select On to activate the Service Interval function.
  5. Next, use the Up 🔼 and Down 🔽 arrows to enter a specific mileage and time interval for the oil life reset reminder.
  6. Click on the Enter button to confirm the oil life reset.


How Does the Oil Life Reminder Work?

Your car has an Oil Life Monitoring (OLM) system with sensors that collect data on your car’s mileage, engine temperature, engine revolutions, and trip durations to send to the computer. The computer then estimates when your oil will start degrading. This is typically the time you receive an oil life alert.

Why Is My Oil Life Light on Even After Changing the Oil?

There are several reasons why your oil life light can remain on after changing your oil. Some of them include having the wrong oil level, failing to lubricate the oil filter, dirty oil, or a damaged pressure sensor.

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