How to Use Cruise Control on the Hyundai Elantra

Relax a bit and use the cruise control feature on the Hyundai Elantra using these instructions.

  1. While driving, press the “CRUISE” button on the steering wheel to enable the cruise control system. When enabled, the “CRUISE” light should illuminate.
  2. When you reach the desired speed, press the “SET” button to set cruising at that speed. The “SET” light should illuminate.
  3. Take your foot off the accelerator and the vehicle will cruise at the set speed.

While in cruise control you may perform these functions:

  • Press “RES+” to increase the speed.
  • Press “RES-” to decrease the speed.
  • Press the “CANCEL” button to cancel the speed setting.
  • Tap the brake pedal to cancel the speed setting and decelerate.

You can also press “CRUISE” at any time to turn the system off.

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