How to Use the Remote Start in a Tesla Model 3

Want to take control of your car’s environment? Join us as we introduce you to the world of remote start, giving you the power to start your Tesla Model 3 engine and climate controls with a simple click. All Tesla Model 3 versions have remote start capabilities. You also don’t need to subscribe for any premium packages, since the remote start feature is built into the car’s basic connectivity options.


Tesla Model 3 Remote Start via Phone

One of the most straightforward ways to use remote start is through the Tesla mobile app, which is downloadable for free on both Android and iOS. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Download the Tesla mobile app through your app store.
  2. Open the app and log in with your Tesla account.
  3. If you haven’t, connect your vehicle to your account. You can follow the instructions on the app to accomplish that.
  4. Tap on your car’s name to overview its options and controls.
  5. Go to the “Climate” section and use “Turn on Climate” if you want the car to turn on and run the climate control system for a few minutes.
  6. Use the temperature slider to control the desired temperature and tap the window defogger button on the bottom right if you need to defog your rear window.
  7. If you don’t need climate controls, go back to the main car menu and select the “START” button to just start your car.

If you have an advanced connectivity subscription, you can also use the app to valet your car on autopilot to your location.

The app also allows you to track the vehicle’s current temperature and charge status.

If you started your car via the app, you can use the key fob and key card as authentication to drive the vehicle. For example, this allows you to turn on the car, set a comfortable temperature, and give someone else your card or fob if they need to use the car.

When using the app to turn on the car without running climate control, the car will turn off after two minutes if it doesn’t detect an authenticated driver.

Tesla Model 3 Remote Start via Key Fob

The Tesla key fob allows you to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle with a single button push and replace a key card. It is also vital in allowing you to summon your car through the app since the car tracks the fob’s location.

To remotely start the car with a key fob, press and hold the trunk button for a few seconds. You will then have a few minutes to get to the car and unlock it.

Note that you won’t be able to turn on climate control via the key fob.

Tesla Model 3 Remote Start via Apple Watch

You can also use your Apple Watch as a replacement for your car’s digital key by downloading the “Apple Watch for Tesla” app and setting up your car. You will need to pair the watch with the car’s infotainment system and leave the key card inside the car to allow the watch to control the vehicle remotely.

With the Apple Watch app, you can tap the “Start” button to turn on the vehicle or the fan button to start the car’s climate control system remotely.

Unlike the mobile app, using the Apple Watch app doesn’t require an internet connection, but you will need to stay within Bluetooth range (about 30 feet for best results). You will need to go to “Settings” and enable “Bluetooth.” You may also need to turn on your car’s Bluetooth in the infotainment system.

When setting up the Apple Watch app, you can create customized shortcuts to display on the main menu. This is done by downloading the same app on your smartphone and connecting them.

Tesla Model 3 Remote Start via Scheduled Departure

How to Use the Remote Start in a Tesla Model 3

Perhaps the most advanced method of starting your Tesla Model 3 remotely is through the “Scheduled Departure” option on the phone app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Tesla mobile app. Log in or provide other credentials as needed.
  2. Tap on your car to bring up its settings.
  3. Select “Schedule.”
  4. Go to the “Departure” tab.
  5. Set the time for the departure.
  6. Additionally, you can turn on the “Off-peak Charge” option. This means that your car will only charge during the set hours at night to keep your electricity bill low.

With a scheduled departure set up, your car will turn on a few hours beforehand to test the system, check its charge level, and start the climate control system to ensure it’s ready to go at the exact time you need.

What to Do if Remote Start Doesn’t Work

One of the most common reasons for the feature not working is a low battery in the car or the key fob. Keep both charged regularly, and you shouldn’t experience any issues.

Additionally, make sure to update the Tesla mobile app and the car’s infotainment system when new stable software releases are online. They will ensure the systems can communicate without issue and send correct information to your vehicle.

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