How to Use the Remote Start in a Ford Focus

Technology has transformed the way we interact with our vehicles, and remote start is a prime example. Join us as we explore how this innovative feature functions, bringing a touch of luxury and convenience to your Ford Focus driving experience.

Note: The Ford Focus has a remote start feature in model years 2012+.

2012 – 2023 Models

  1. Ensure your car is securely locked using the remote or manually locking the doors.
  2. Press and hold the remote start button (usually indicated by a circular arrow icon) for a few seconds. The engine should start, and the vehicle will remain locked.


  1. Download and install the FordPass app and set up an account on your smartphone.
  2. Add your Ford Focus to your account by following the app’s instructions.
  3. Open the FordPass app and log in.
  4. Select your Ford Focus from the list of vehicles.
  5. Tap the “Remote Start” button.
  6. Confirm the action when prompted.
  7. The engine will start, and the climate control settings will be based on your previous settings.


Can I change how long the engine will run?

Yes! Customizing your remote start duration with the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your vehicle’s touchscreen settings.
  2. Select “Settings” followed by “Vehicle.”
  3. Find and choose “Remote Start Setup.”
  4. Ensure that “Activate Remote Start” is switched on.
  5. Adjust the duration for which the engine will run during remote start. Choose between five, 10, or 15-minute intervals.
  6. If you desire additional runtime, you can repeat the remote start process to extend the duration.

Is there a limit to using my remote start feature?

Some Ford vehicles permit a maximum of two remote starts per hour or between manual starts. On other models, remote start can only be used for up to 30 minutes before manual intervention is required.

How do I cancel the remote start?

Press the 2x icon on your key fob once.

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