How to Turn Eco Mode On/Off on the Toyota Corolla

Learn how to turn Eco Mode on the Toyota Corolla on or off using these steps.

2023 Models

  1. Change the Driving mode selection switch to choose Eco Drive Mode

2014 – 2022 Models: “Eco Mode” Button

  1. Press the “ECO MODE” button located on the center console between the passenger and driver seats.

When Eco Mode is turned on, the instrument panel will display an “ECO MODE” indicator. The vehicle will remain in this mode until you turn it off or when you shut off the ignition. When the ignition is turned on, Eco Mode is off by default.

2014 – 2022: Automatic Eco Mode

An indicator will appear in the display that shows the zone for operating the vehicle in the Eco range. When the vehicle encounters heavy acceleration, the vehicle is not in Eco range and the “Eco” message will not appear on the display.

Models with a Vehicle Information Display screen

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find Eco Driving Indicator Light and turn off

Models with no Display screen

  1. Hold the Disp button on the steering wheel for a few seconds.

Previous Models 1996-2013

Eco drive was not available some models had Over Drive which helped improve fuel economy but is not the same thing as Eco Drive.


What does Eco Mode actually do?

It changes the way the Corolla accelerates, making it transition more slow and smooth. It also reduces operation of the heating and air conditioning system. So it may take longer to cool or heat the cab when Eco Mode is enabled. The result is saving on fuel consumption.

I have Eco Mode enabled, but why doesn’t the Eco light show on the instrument panel?

The Eco Driving Indicator will not illuminate during these conditions:

  • The transmission is in a gear other than “D/Drive”.
  • Driving Mode is set to “Sport Mode”.
  • The vehicle is traveling at a speed above 79 miles-per-hour.
  • A paddle shift switch is operated.

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  1. In 2014 model corolla its not working eco system in dash board . I cant find the switch in the dash board .it is a on/off method in meter display but its not working .what is problem .any one know pls help me.

  2. I have a 2017 Toyota Corolla LE but the ECO mode button seems to have been tampered with, probably during a repair job. How do I get it reactivated? The button seems to have been sealed so it can’t be depressed.

  3. I have 2012 toyota fielder and I can’t turn off the eco I depress the nob in the dash and hold it on the mileage then turn car on,it only flashes and stops

  4. I am very glad I saw this article! I also, JUST recently had repairs done to my 2016 Toyota Corolla Le & I didn’t have a fuel cap but purchased one the day I got my car back. My “ECO” mode was STILL NOT working & with the exhorbitant price of gas these days, I was very 😡… I also had my “CHECK ENGINE” light on & it would NOT go off. I just needed to press the “DISP” button on my steering wheel & hold it down for several seconds. Thank you guys SO much for letting me know THIS!! 👍

  5. Hello,
    I drive Toyota fielda and it looses power especially when on Hill and l attempt to break and accelerate after whenever in jam l feel its power tends to pick up from low gear.

    Kindly advise if the ECO activation could be the reason leading to this or otherwise


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