How to Reset Oil Change Indicator on the Ford Flex

Once you have completed maintenance on your Ford Flex, you should reset the oil change indicator. In this post we will show you how to perform an oil reset on your Ford Flex.

2018-2019 Models

  1. Turn your vehicle to the ON position without starting the engine and without pressing the brake or accelerator.
  2. Use the arrows on the steering wheel to navigate. Press Down 🔽 to scroll to Settings press Right ▶ to enter that menu.
  3. Use the Down 🔽 arrow to scroll to Vehicle, then press the Right button.
  4. Use the Down 🔽 arrow to scroll to Oil Life Reset press Right.
  5. Use the Up 🔼 and Down 🔽 buttons to highlight the desired setting. To completely reset the Oil Life, choose Set to 100%, then press and hold OK.
  6. Switch the key to the OFF position, then start the engine.

2013-2017 Models

These models will display a “Change Engine Oil Soon” message when the oil life is 10% or less. It will display an “Oil Change Required” message when oil life reaches 0%.

  1. Using the directional pad on the left side of the steering wheel, select Settings.
  2. Choose Convenience.
  3. Select Oil Life Reset.
  4. Press and hold the OK button.

2010-2012 Models

  1. Press the Setup button repeatedly until the oil life is displayed on the screen.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button for two seconds.


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