Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem Car Won’t Start Fix

Honda is generally regarded as one of the most reliable automobile brands in the business. However, even the best Honda models, like the Honda CR-V, don’t always work the way you hoped. One of the worst issues owners may encounter is the “electric parking brake problem” warning message, which shows up on the dashboard. In many cases, the car also won’t start when this message appears.

Read on to find out what causes this problem and how you can fix it.


What Is the Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem?

Before digging into the details of how to solve this problem, it’s important to understand what it is and why it happens. As the name suggests, the Honda electric parking brake problem is an issue affecting the electric parking brake. It’s been commonly reported in fifth-generation CR-Vs (2017-2022 units) and 10th-generation Civics (2015-2020). However, it may appear on any model with an electric parking brake.

The obvious sign that your car is suffering from this problem is if you see the “electric parking brake problem” message appear on your dashboard. Some cars also emit a beeping sound when the message is displayed, and it may be impossible to lock the car doors or start the car. In addition, you may notice a bunch of other dashboard warning lights appear at the same time.

Possible Causes and Fixes for Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem

Next, let’s see what could be behind your Honda’s “electric parking brake problem” message, and how you might go about fixing it. As stated earlier on, there are multiple potential reasons why this message might happen and prevent your car from starting.

A Dead or Dying Battery

The most common explanation behind the “electric parking brake problem” message is an issue with your car’s battery. More specifically, it’s likely that the battery is close to dying. The electric parking brake relies on the battery to provide it with sufficient power. So, if the battery is low on juice, it’s only natural that the parking brake will start to fail.

You might assume that this can only happen in older cars. However, even new cars with quite young batteries can still suffer battery failures, especially if they’ve been sitting idle for a long time. So, even if you bought your Honda new and haven’t had it too long, there’s still a risk that the battery isn’t as fresh and fully powered as you think.

Solution: Fortunately, if the battery is to blame for your Honda’s electric parking brake problem, there are a few possible solutions. Some users have reported that simply charging the battery up for an hour with a portable charging kit can be enough to remove the error message and restart the car. Jumpstarting the car can have the same effect.

Alternatively, you may have to seek out a battery replacement. Local garages or your nearest Honda dealership will be able to take out the old, dying battery and fit a new one. Or they might be able to charge your battery for you if it still seems quite healthy but needs a little power boost.

Problem with the Parking Brake Switch

Honda Electric Parking Brake Problem Car Won’t Start Fix 1

The electric parking brake problem could also be caused by an issue with the parking brake switch itself. This is the button that you use to engage or disengage the parking brake. It should be fine in new cars or those that haven’t had too much use. However, in older cars or those that are used very regularly, the switch can get clogged with dirt and grime or randomly fail.

Solution: Inspecting and cleaning the parking brake switch may help to clear out anything that might be blocking or interfering with it. Again, it’s usually best to visit a garage or dealership (or call a mechanic out to your home when your Honda won’t start) to get a professional diagnosis and repair.

Issues with the Wiring

In modern cars, with all of their many electrical systems and components, there’s quite a lot of wiring. Over time, that wiring can get frayed or suffer corrosion and other kinds of damage. This can interrupt the flow of electrical energy through the system, preventing key systems – like the parking brake – from getting the energy they need.

Solution: For wiring issues, there’s not much that the average Honda owner can do. In fact, it’s often quite dangerous to tamper with the wires without professional tools and expertise. So the best thing to do is call a mechanic. They’ll be able to inspect the wiring, figure out what’s wrong, and make the necessary repairs.

An Alternative Solution: Reset the System

One final solution you might like to try to fix a Honda that won’t start with the “electric parking brake problem” is to reset the system. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Get into your car and shift into neutral.
  2. Turn on the ignition.
  3. Hold the parking brake switch down for two seconds.

If successful, this will reset the parking brake system and remove the error message. However, it’s still worth speaking to a mechanic or dealership technician to figure out why the message appeared and get the problem resolved, as it may occur the next time you try to start your car.

Summing Up: The Electric Parking Brake Problem Resolved

The “electric parking brake problem” message is a very frustrating one for Honda owners to see. However, as this guide has shown, it’s usually due to a bad battery and can be fixed in several different ways. So, the next time you see this message, don’t despair. Try one of the fixes listed above or contact a local dealership to get your Honda back on the road.

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