Honda CRV: Enable/Disable VSA

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) (otherwise known as Electronic Stability Control (ESC)) system in the Honda CRV works to stabilize vehicle traction when traveling over slick surfaces. When VSA is activated, you will see a light with a vehicle with skid marks appear on the instrument panel.

You may need to turn VSA off if the vehicle is stuck in snow or mud to get better traction from all wheels.

To disable VSA, press and hold the “VSA Off” button located on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel until you hear a beep sound.

CRV VSA Button

A “VSA Off” light will illuminate on the instrument panel when VSA is disabled.

To enable VSA again, perform the same steps by pressing and holding the “VSA Off” button until you hear a beep.


I have a flashing VSA light and an exclamation point light on all the time. What’s the deal?

The Vehicle Stability Assist system on your Honda is malfunctioning. You’ll need to take the vehicle to a service center or have a parts store scan for codes to determine the problem and fix it.

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  1. I had the flashing vsa light. It was due to low voltage sitting on the dealer lot. New battery and 10,000 miles later no issues.

  2. My Honda shuttle dashboard board showing VSA off symbol.I try to enable VSA through the vsa switch .But it’s not enable.kindly know what is the reason VSA off symbol is showing in my dashboard continually.


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